Assembling a Quilt Top



Finally all the Trail Mix blocks are sewn!  The blocks are 6″ set in a 12 x 15 layout.   There are five block types and when I looked at the layout plan it seemed to me that this was going to be a challenge!

I decided to use what I call the “Eleanor Burns” method.  Set out the quilt, then pick up the blocks working down the quit in a column.


I end up with 12 stacks, each labelled with their column number and the first stack labelled with top left (this is important especially in this quilt!).


When I start to sew, I pick up the top block from column 1, and sew to it the top block from column 2.  Then the second column 1 block to the second column 2 block, all the way down the 15 blocks.  Then, without cutting threads, start from the top where column 2’s first block is and sew on the top block from column 3 and work down.  Keep doing this, and I get a quilt top that’s all held together in place by the connecting threads.

For this quilt, because its so large and I think there’s so much room for error (wrong block or wrong placement of the block), I have broken the quilt down into 3 sections of five rows each.  Here’s the first section sewn.  I’ve kept the note in place saying top left!


To do a good pressing on each row, I find its best for me to cut the rows apart.  I usually press then sew each row one at a time to keep everything in order.

The fabric combinations are kinda crazy on this quilt!  I can’t wait to see what the whole top looks like.  Then to choose a border that just might, maybe, tie the whole thing together.





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