Just Keeping Up


It’s been a slow couple of weeks for me.  Still sewing up the blocks for Trail Mix, and keeping up with the 365 Challenge blocks…I’ll be glad when the 6″ blocks start so I can take a break from the daily updates!  My cutting table shows the mess I haven’t cleaned up as I continue to work on these two projects.


Towards the bottom of the cutting board you’ll see the flying geese x 4 ruler.  It eliminates the math to make flying geese from four squares.  Its a nifty way to make flying geese, especially small ones.  I don’t use the ruler too often but it comes in handy once in a while. This block with 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ was a good reason to use this method.    There’s a tutorial on this method here.


I haven’t yet sandwiched the next quilt as I like to use the Juki for putting together a quilt top and sewing large items as its table has much more room.    I think my goal for this weekend will be to prepare and cut the blue yardage for the Off the Grid quilt, and sew together the pieces that will surround the Quilt Block Cookbook blocks.  I’m ready for some sewing that isn’t all teeny tiny!

And the iron?  I received the blue Oliso TG1050  last Friday and I must say that I’m not as happy with it as I was with the yellow TG1600.  The glide is much better, but that’s it.  It doesn’t seem to press as well, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I plugged in the TFal and realized that the TG1050 wasn’t as hot! (and its about a half pound lighter than the 1600).  The wattage difference should only make a difference in how fast it heats up, not the temperature it achieves.  So, I can use the Oliso which is not quite as heavy or as hot as I’d like, but has the lift feature.  Or the TFal which is hot, but lighter than I’d like for pressing but just the right weight for always having to stand it up.  I’m still so diappointed that the iron surface of the yellow 1600 will always remain a question to me – whether it was a problem of that iron, or my own preference issue.


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