Iron update



I’m getting lots of opportunity to press and iron while working away on the Trial Mix Blocks.   This will be the third stack of blocks completed, two more to go.  There are some interesting fabric combinations developing!



I’ve started sewing the binding on Just Takes 2.  I’m thinking of putting the quilt aside for a while, so I can hand sew the binding outside on the porch in the cool spring weather.  That’s something to look forward to!



And another Quilt Block Cookbook block.  I’ve picked out eight blocks I’d like to sew to add to the 12 I made during the Sugar Block quilt along.  This will give me twenty blocks, out of which I’ll choose 16 for  the quilt called Off the Grid.



Now the continuing iron saga!  I had a great conversation with an Oliso rep about my concerns with the sort of sticky glide I feel it has.  Of course, he had no way of seeing or hearing what I was talking about, but he was happy to listen to my story, lol.  We decided that as there is no way to see the iron in person  it was difficult to determine if it was me that didn’t like the type of surface on the iron, or if that particular iron had a problem.  (Definitely a point against the company on their lack of retail display/distribution.)

I have a five yard piece of fabric that will need ironing before cutting, and when I felt dread at the idea of using the Oliso for that job, I realized that the TG1600 was not for me.

I returned the iron to Bed Bath and Beyond, and ordered the cheapest version.  The Oliso TG1050 has a stainless  steel sole plate which I think might be more suitable for me.  Unfortunately, it has 1600 watts instead of 1800, and the stupid (to me anyway) 8 minute and 30 second shut off.  As I now know it will take a couple of weeks to receive that iron, I bought a TFal iron to use in the meantime.  I’ve never had a TFal.  I’ve used Black and Decker, and several Rowentas, and the iron that just died is a Sunbeam.  The Rowentas were fantastic, but very very heavy at 4 lbs and there is no way I can handle that weight now.  The Sunbeam died in about a year and a half, I liked it so much I bought a second which died in about eight months!  The Rowentas never lasted very long either.

The TFal has some kind of coating on it – durulium? – how do they make up these names of coatings!  I feel it too has a bit of drag, but not as much as the Oliso TG1600.  I think now I’ve realized that I’m most happy with the stainless steel pressing surface on irons. The TFal heats up quick, isn’t too heavy, and makes good steam.  It would be a keeper, if I wasn’t so determined to get the auto lift that Oliso offers – that feature will save so much pain and wear on my shoulder and arms.


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