Iron workout!


Two pretty quilt blocks from the Quilt Block Cookbook.




Teeny tiny triangles for the 3″ 365 Challenge blocks – this one was the most annoying – er, challenging!




Then came the big disappointment.  I pulled out the piece of fabric for the binding of the Just Takes 2 Quilt.  I’ve had this folded and put away for maybe two years.  The Oliso iron just didn’t make me happy when trying to iron this half yard or so piece.  The fold marks stayed in place, I felt like I was pushing the iron a little too much.  Sigh.  I can’t tell if the iron I have is itself a problem, or if this is how they all are. (I listened very very carefully to You Tube videos of this iron, and I can hear that kind of shooshing sound that I’ve heard with my iron.)  I certainly expect a $200+  iron to meet all my expections! Or am I asking too much to press out creases that have been there for 2 years?  But I also didn’t much like that pushing feeling.


So, it might be back to having to cope with a heavy iron to meet my pressing needs but will hurt my shoulder when I place it upright…or choose a lighter iron which might make for more work to get the good flat press needed.


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  1. I don’t have one of those irons so am not familiar with how they operate. I will be watching your blog for an update of your approval or disapproval of the iron.

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