Oliso Iron! First Thoughts


The delivery truck was hardly out of the driveway when I had the new Oliso plugged in!  It heat up so fast.  It is a heavy iron – but because of the auto lift feature I don’t have to lift more than an inch or so off the table 🙂  The weight balance of the iron feels good, and holding it feels good in my small hand.  The heaviness and the heat makes flat flat seams, quick.  The point at the end makes it easy to press open teeny tiny seams!  The burst of steam is just right, and when steam is turned on it makes lots of it. Filling the water tank is easy-peasy, the iron is kept flat while pouring the water into a large spout -you don’t have to hold the iron at an awkward angle to pour in the water – and its easy to see the water amount.  Best of all, the 30 minute auto off, instead of the standard 8 or 10, means I don’t have to think so much about waking it up partway through sewing.  The only thing that’s surprising, and will need some thinking about, is the soleplate causes not quite drag, but not gliding either.  It makes a slight sound when you’re actually ironing a piecing of fabric.20170203_105214

I’ll be using the iron a lot this weekend to catch up on my 365 Challenge blocks, as well as the Quilt Block Cookbook blocks – oh, and preparing the binding for the Just Takes 2 Sampler!


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