“Red Thread” Quilting


Still no iron!  It was to be delivered last Friday according to the Bed Bath and Beyond website, then Tuesday according to FedEx, now its Thursday.  To have a “stop work” on my piecing is really difficult for me – I depend on my piecing to keep me active as short spurts of busy work throughout the day – especially when I have fabric all cut and ready to sew, and those tiny little 3″ blocks to keep up with!

However, I did finally get going on the red thread quilting on the Just Takes 2.

The first pic shows my pretty much standard quilting when I’m not trying to follow a straight line – just a curve from a point to point, and maybe some added loops.


The second picture is what happens  when I’ve come up with a quilting idea that just didn’t quite work – the block  turned out sort of pushed out of shape as a result  – I’ve so far not done any major ripping out on any of this quilting (which is a milestone for me!), but this block may have to be re-done.

And the last pic shows when I’ve successfully come up with a neat motif that just fits right!

Its the end of January!  This is when I start thinking only February, then March…then we’ll start to see Spring 🙂


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