Oh so close!


I am a few blocks away from finishing the white quilting on the Just Takes Two quilt – I am running out of steam and getting tired of the constant questioning and assessment for each block as I come to it to quilt it.  And, there are several blocks or parts of blocks that will have to be quilted with red thread (I’ve marked these with a safety pin).  I am going through so much thread – I think mostly because there are so many stops and starts.  This quilt is really meant for hand quilting – it would look stupendous if given the careful quilted detail that only hand stitching can give in such a wide variety of blocks.


Meanwhile, my iron is just about dead.  It’s good enough to press simple seams, but there’s not enough heat to flatten a block, and barely any steam.  And the iron has an odd smell, which makes me fear its about to burst into flames!

I’ve decided to treat myself to an Oliso.  Mostly because I have an extremely sore shoulder – quilting, rotary cutting, pressing, knitting are all taking its toll.  I’m hoping the Oliso will relieve some of that work from my shoulder, as I just have to lift it straight up – not twisting my arm to set the iron upright every few minutes.  I ordered it early Monday morning, from Bed Bath and Beyond, and it still hasn’t shipped!  How is a quilter supposed to piece without an iron?!

Hopefully when I write next week, I’ll be on to the red thread quilting, and happily ironing with my new Oliso.



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