Busy week at the sewing machines


I’ve been piecing the trail mix  blocks, mostly working on third block variety (there are five types of blocks in the quilt).  This one is tiny four patches – (176?) which will be sewn into more four patches, and again into the final four patch!  44 of those to be made in total.  In the picture is the container of four patches (with strips ready to cut and sew), along with the stacks of the two blocks I’ve finished so far.



I’ve kept up with the 365 Challenge – here are sixteen blocks (now I don’t know how I got sixteen when I took this picture yesterday on January 15, so there should be fifteen blocks!)


And, although it may hard to tell in this picture, I am making progress on quilting the Just Takes Two red and white quilt.  My method is to approach each block as an individual, to be quilted in just the right way – to match my skills, to use motifs or designs already used, and to make sense for that block.  Most important – don’t screw up the look of all my lovely piecing, ha ha!


I’m quilting about a half hour a day – about all I can manage – which means about three or four blocks.  So  I think I’m about a third way through, perhaps by the end of January I’ll be pretty much done.  Whew.

Today, I’m going to make the Lemon Whip block from the Quilt Block Cookbook Quilt Along.

Do you make quilting goals for yourself?





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