Sugar Block Club 2016


Amy Gibson at Stitchery Dickory Dock presented these blocks.  I finally finished the December block for this series.  Here’s a pic of all twelve blocks, in no particular order.


This was an interesting b.o.m. for me.  I hadn’t preselected my colours, I just picked from a stash of scraps in solids.  It was kind of nerve wracking at the same time, as I like to be in control of the overall quilt, which was really not the case here!  I am really happy with how the blocks all turned out, the colours look balanced and coordinated.

Now I need to choose or design a setting.  I think Amy might be giving a setting idea in the next few weeks.

For many years I’ve pieced mostly traditional style quilts, with mostly reproduction fabrics, and almost always knowing exactly what the quilt would look like when I was finished.  Electric Quilt software has enabled me in this way – I could always colour a block or a quilt as I went along, and if I didn’t like the direction I was heading I could re-design the quilt.

2016 was the year I finally stepped away from the traditional and started exploring new block designs, solid fabrics, and modern and improvisational piecing.  I’m going to stick to that and try to stay away from my comfort zone of reproduction fabrics!  When I need to purchase I’ll look at contemporary or modern fabrics, in modern colours, and solids.

I already have one quilt in mind – more about that later.  And I’ve bought Amy Gibson’s book the Quiltblock Cookbook which will be a great inspiration as I go forward, along with the other two modern quilting books I added to my library last year.

Amy is hosting a weekly quilt along,  presenting a block a week from her book, with colour choice inspiration and ideas for using the block in ways other than in a full quilt.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll be sewing along, or just following along, but either way I think it and the 365 challenge will keep me out of the repro fabric and pattern section!




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