A New Year brings New Opportunities!


New opportunities to create quilts of course!  (And knitting..and…?)

The surgery went with no real problems, recovery was difficult during the Christmas holidays, but now I’m at the point where I am feeling so much better that it’s hard to remember that just 15 minutes or so of activity causes discomfort 🙂  But that hasn’t stopped me from doing an inventory of my sewing room, quilts and ideas on my wish list, and quilts and inspiration being presented this year.

For now, I’ll start with the 365 Challenge.  It ran last year – 365 blocks, one a day, many of those at a 3″ size!  I think it made many quilters happily crazy as they pieced the more difficult blocks, while also trying to keep up with the schedule.

I thought about this quilt last year, and have done a lot of thinking about it in the past few weeks.  My stash is pretty much depleted and I only now buy what I need for a quilt.  I didn’t really want to commit to the 365 quilt, for mainly two reasons  – I didn’t know what colourway I might use, and I wasn’t sure I wanted a huge quilt with many pieces – having done Dear Jane, and the Farmer’s Wife, and a few other samplers maybe I’m done with that?

But….yeste20170101_131218rday I spied my cookie tin crammed with batik scraps.  These really are scraps – leftover parts of jelly rolls, 5″ squares, and smaller pieces (the three fabrics in the middle are actually big enough to fold!)  When I dumped the tin into a larger container, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much there was.  So I got thinking…and drawing on EQ.

This is my plan.  I’m going to sew only the 3″ blocks – I think there are over 200 of those!!  I’ll make them from the batiks, each one low contrast in the same colour family.  Then set them postage stamp style, to come up with something that might look like this.


(ooops, just spied a rogue block that I didn’t recolour)

I’ll work through the batiks I have, then re-stock charm squares in the colours I might be missing, or might be needed to  balance out the number of squares that turn out blue, green, or pink – which seem to be the colours I have most of.

Here’s January 1 – I chose the bonus block.


Kathryn Kerr has given quilters are a terrific project…and, I appreciate the history and references given for each block.   Are you participating in an online or guild quilt along or block of the month this year?




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