Sugar Block Club


I’ve been following along Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club for 2016.  In this series she’s presenting traditional blocks tweaked for a contemporary look.

I thought I should get to sewing this block, as I don’t want to fall behind at the last minute!

My first version, with many colours used in other blocks, I didn’t like so much – just too rainbow or crayon box like for me!


The second version was much better!


The block construction ends up with a raw edge on the inside circle, which should be appliqued to the background along with the points.  I have no problem with hand applique, but wasn’t up for it right now.  So I pressed up a turned edge, and used a charcoal grey thread to stitch along that edge, and along each of the seams between the blades.

The blue corners of the block were no longer working, so I replaced that with a dark brown.


Here’s a pic I had taken this summer of the first six blocks


Did you participate in block of the month this year?


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