I thought I’d ought to post something, as it has been a few weeks since I’ve written.  I’ve been unwell and waiting for surgery which will finally happen the first week of December.  It’s not too  major surgery but I am unsure of my recovery time so I’ve been working on Christmas and winter knitting, as well as planning knitting to work on during recovery.  I’m just about organized, so I think I’ll get back to some piecing this week 🙂

So here’s a peek and list of what I’ve knit or finished knitting in the past couple of months or so


Still to go is a cowl for my son’s girlriend, two or three more pairs of fingerless gloves, and two hats or a hat and a scarf.  Lots to keep me busy when I’m up for it!

I’ve always been a get ready for Christmas at the last minute kind of person – but this year, here I am, already shopping and making lists.  Some early baking is for next week!

Have you started any Christmas sewing, quilting, or shopping?



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