It’s a Start


Stitch in the ditch of the block seams done!  I have a little better picture of the whole quilt – my husband is 6’4″ and I’m 5’5″ so he can get almost an aerial shot compared to me!

20161102_142408.jpgI decided I couldn’t do the cross hatching, it would make the quilt even busier than it is. Stitching “in the ditch” between each block was required, so I can then hopefully do some wonderful free motion quilting tailored to each block.  My stitch in the ditch skills aren’t that great – I know what to do, but I have trouble keeping a straight line even with the walking foot.  And, sometimes my stitching is truly in the ditch, sometimes very slightly to one side. There’s advice to spread the seam gently with your hand to obtain a true stitch in the ditch, and other advice to stitch just slightly to the side that does not have the seam allowance pressed to it.  I tend to try to the stitching slightly to the side, however it does depend on the kind of block piecing I’m  encountering (bulky, or not?), and the colour of thread as it crosses over contrasting fabric.

Do you stitch in the ditch around your blocks, or even around all the shapes within the block?


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