Getting Ready for Quilting


For all of the  wallhangings that I’ve been making in my own little modern workshop, I’ve used scraps of batting leftovers.  From many of my large quilts, I end up with a strip about 10″ – 20″ wide and as long as the batting…these are great to use for wallhangings.


Simply take two strips that will make the width you need, and layer them one on top of the other.  Using a rotary cutter or scissors make a fresh cut along the length through both layers. Then butt those two cut edges together and sew with a wide three step zig zag.  When you layer the quilt, I’20161011_164201ve been putting the seam off centre along the length of the quilt.







I started to pin baste the Twigs quilt, placing the pins along the twigs, thinking those wouldn’t be quilted while the empty space would be.  Then I had an idea to quilt a straight line through the twigs and then free motion in the spaces.  Here are the thread colours I think I’ve decided on.


Meanwhile, have  you ever read Lori Kennedy’s blog, the Inbox Jaunt?  She has terrific free motion design tutorials, all of the designs are easily do-able and there are a great variety that are both motifs and space fillers.

Lori is presenting a Sunflower Sampler tutorial quilt…it looks like a good way to gain some confidence and also a practice swatch that is actually a little quilt! I’m all set up and ready to go.



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