“Fall” finished!



I added what turned out to be a hill to the bottom of this wallhanging.  The original made me think that the tree was just floating.  I thought about putting the grey straight across the bottom, then decided to echo the idea of the angle similar to the tree crown.  It ended up looking like a hill, which is just fine to me!  I think this is my most successful foray into “modern” quilting yet!

20161007_083912Meawhile, I was having trouble calling “Twigs” finished.  I tore up my small stash, trying to find just the right blue, then trying to find anything, that could be binding and/or sashing.  I’ve decided to use this dark brown, and I think I”ll quilt it with a poly embroidery thread that has a bit of shine, in a very light blue.  Hopefully that will perk up the project and give it a bit of life.


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  1. I love how you finished off the bottom of the tree. It’s so modern looking. Now that quilting is fabulous. do you give lessons?

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