Twigs…and a Pig


This is what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.  The Modern Quilting book offers a few patterns using what they call “slice and insert” technique.  I thought I’d make the three pillow tops, revised a bit to combine them into a long wallhanging.  In my imagination, I had enough of the inset fabric for borders, but that wasn’t true!  So I ended up with this.

twigs draft.jpg


I’m not sure yet if I’m calling this done.  It’s the right size, I think.  I could add a long strip to the bottom, or add sashings in some places, or a border.  To be continued.  (I think I’d like to find a bright blue for the binding or border.)

This technique is not necessarily modern.  I’ve seen variations of it elsewhere, and I remembered seeing it a book on my shelf.   “Crazy Nine Patch” and “French Connection” in Lynne Edward’s book Stashbuster Quilts.  Those quilts are made with inset strips to form a nine patch.

While flipping through the book, I came across a pattern for this fellow –


I made him up for my Mom, who has advanced Alzheimer’s.  I thought it might make her smile!




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