Improvisational Piecing


The books I chose for playing with new techniques are:  Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson; and the Modern Appplique Workbook by Jennifer Dick.

The improvisational method showed me just how dependent I had come to be on cutting that just right size piece of fabric, sewing that perfect seam, and  having an exact size block to fit with other blocks!  I started with the free piecing method from Quilting Modern.  Oh boy!  Days later, I had something but it kept going from good, to bad, to great, to oh no! that’s not right, lol.

I started a second piece, and this is how it ended up.    I’m pretty happy with it,although I still find mysef thinking I wish I had put this piece here, or there, or…. ?   I can see how if I had several “blocks” like this it could make up a very interesting quilt.  (don’t pay too much attention to quilting and binding, it is just a play piece!)

The free piecing technique really helped me to (start) to let go of my traditional piecing habit.  It was challenging and interesting to see how I really could build up something interesting with just scraps and a vague idea of  a square!

The Modern Applique book doesn’t scare me half as much as the ideas presented in the Quilting Modern book…but the Applique book does give me terrific inspiration as to modern applique layouts.

I’ve kitted 5 small projects, and that’s what brought me here, back to the blog, to record my progress as I take a new road in quiltmaking. My fabric cupboard is very slim right now, because we moved during the year and I was in the mood to get rid of a lot of stuff!  Our new home is much smaller than where we were…but I think the cleansing was necessary 🙂  Knowing that I have a limited amount and range of fabrics I picked out several projects from the books and found most of what I needed, I  just need to order some backgrounds.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you come back to visit next week, and that you’ll try something new!


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