book two begins!



Looking back and seeing that I made the decision to stop posting here in January 2015,  I realize that maybe some part of me foresaw the upcoming chaos that was to be a constant that year. Changes for all of my family meant heartbreak, and some joy, as I watched and helped those closest to me experience new ways to live. We’ve all grown more understanding of each other and we’re all still standing, so we do have much to be thankful for!

I think too that this has what caused me to almost lose interest in quilting…until I realized that my quiltmaking needed a new focus. The traditional style of most of my work, and use of mostly repro type fabrics, is no longer making me happy. I stlll love what I’ve made, and have many tops still to quilt…but I need to move on!

A month or so ago I took the plunge and bought two books on Modern Quiltmaking. I felt I couldn’t quite get the push I needed, or the feel for the vibe, without some serious study 🙂  We’ll see how I progress…and if I can learn to perhaps blend the new styles with the old.



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