Tuesday review


Another week has gone by, with me still obsessed with knitting.  I’m trying to learn to knit a cardigan, and it 2015-01-20 14.05.08would be fairly easy if only I could concentrate for any length of time!  This is a pic of my  – uh, fourth? – try to knit the yoke, if you look carefully and with a bit of imagination, you can see two fronts, the start of two sleeves, and the back.  I’ve also attempted and ripped out a few ideas for a vest in chunky yarn, for the winter months…but it will be spring by the time I settle on what to do and how to do it!

I did  the sewing for the Mystery Monday (not as happy with this background as much as the brighter one that I mis-cut), and I’m surprised there was as much sewing as this!  Usually the steps in the mystery are much shorter.  The point trimmer tool helped to place the triangles nicely on the square edges.  (Actually, the picture is misleading, the triangles are sewn to squares, not rectangles as in flying geese).

2015-01-20 14.03.17

Nancy Zieman is offering a block of the month this year, called an Adventure Quilt.  I pretty quickly found a great assortment of fabrics, then was disappointed that the first block was a quarter dresden fan placed on a 12″ block.  The standard dresden template doesn’t allow for creating a block that size, one would need the tool Nancy Zieman was using!   That’s just aggravating.  So that pattern is on hold, and now I have an interesting group of fabrics to think about how to use.

2015-01-20 05.55.09No progress on quilting the All Roads quilt, but hopefully this week I’ll get to it now that I’ve finally made a good start to the cardigan.


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