What have I been doing?!


Knitting!  When I was recovering from the appendix surgery, I did the crochet amigurumi (stuffed creatures) that  I posted about earler.  Then I got an email from Craftsy saying that they’ll give me a free course of my choice!  Don’t know how I qualified for that, but am I ever glad I got the offer and that I chose a learn to knit class.

Various people have tried to teach me knitting over the years and I just didn’t get it. From Brownies to my teenage years, it was annoying to just not be able to knit without all kinds of trouble and frustration.  The Knit Lab course I took showed me continental style knitting, where the yarn is held in the left hand (I am left handed in several ways, and the way the yarn is held is similar to crochet), and all of a sudden the light bulb went on and off I went!  All of my knitting teachers have been English style … I didn’t even know the other way exisisted!  During this Craftsy course the instructer not only taught cast ons and knits and purls, but more importantly how with just those knits and purls one can learn to do just about everything in knitting.  She taught common increases and decreases for shaping, which lead to lace that was taught in the class, which lead me to a feeling of I can learn to knit anything!

Which is what I’ve been doing!  A little sweater for my bicha-poo, a couple of hats, mittens, scarves, a lace shaw/scarf for my mom, and just lots of playing.  Another Craftsy course (on sale, these are less expensive than a book) has taught me a few ways to knit mittens and gloves and fingerless mitts, knitting cable designs, more lace, and other techniques which are applicable to various knittng projects and patterns.  I’m now going to try a sweater with the help of another Craftsy class, Perfect Fit Crazy Lace Cardigan. Knitting has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me…at a time when I losing my spark for quilting.  I’ve been quilting for nearly 15 years, and as its my sole entertainment I’ve pretty much covered every aspect of the craft.

I’ve discovered Ravelry, which is a whole world of all things knitting.  I wish there was a similar place for quilting!  I think you can see a few of my projects if you go to this link

So I’ve done no piecing since completing the Austen Family Album Blocks, but I have done quilting.  I’ve been working on quilting my husband’s All Roads to the Sea…which means playing with free motion patterns for sky, sea, building, fields, trees, grass, paths and on and on!  The pictures below give some idea of what I’m doing…they are bit distorted as I didn’t want to take quilt out from under the needle.

all roads part all roads part b all roads part a

2014-12-12 10.25.33

This week, Sherri Falls at This & That patterns is starting a new mystery quilt (wall hanging).  I’ve done two of her mysteries and have not been disappointed!  They are quick to cut, and the sewing is simple and quick too.  So I got that started this monring, and hopefully that will get me back into doing some piecing each week. (Update…I just miscut several  long background strips…cut 9″ instead of 9 1/2″! now I don’t have enough of either fabric to finish cutting…so I’ll need a do-over of background, and I so liked the ones I had chose!

mystery monday January


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