Is it almost done?! Quilting Antique Sampler


Its Labour Day and I’ve been quilting this quilt allll summer!  I just looked in my calendar, and yes, I basted this quilt on June 6, and after time spent thinking about how to even start quilting it, I began on June 20 by doing the stitch in the ditch around all the blocks.  So much time has passed, and while part of it is that I really haven’t been in a hurry to get this quilted, I’ve also faced more indecision than I ever remember when planning the quilting.

I started this post a few days ago…thinking I was done.  Here’s a pic of what I thought was “the end”.  I had grid quilted the large blocks, and done a stippling stitch around the motif in each small circle block, with leaf shapes at each corner.  I put three leaf shapes in each clamshell in the border, then thought I’d finish up with a larger meander in the red border.

antique sampler quilting 3

But really, I couldn’t live with that as it just looked like I had given up and tried to rush the end.  I was in the midst of typing….I will not rip nit out, then the next minute that’s exactly what I was doing!

Several days, and so much sketching on paper, drawing on the quilt, doodling free motion on my machine.  I finally came up with this!

antique sampler quilting 5

This curve looks great, made with a drunkard’s path template!  There is “rule” that the density of the quilting in the border should be similar to that on the centre of the quilt, and having just these lines may break this rule, but I really don’t want to add more.  I’ve played with placing more curved lines, but it just doesn’t make me happy!

The final piece of the puzzle will be waht to do in the corners…, to be continued!



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