Strip cutting done!


With one day to spare, I got all the pieces cut for the New England Log Cabin.  Here they are all bagged and tagged.

log cabin strip bags dark log cabin strip bags light


Tomorrow, the guest room goes back to its purpose as we’re babysitting our grandaughter this coming for a weekend visit,  and I don’t get to use my sewing annex!

I couldn’t have done all this cutting without finally convincing my 20 year old son to please help his Mom and learn rotary cutting!  I’ve been having a lot of pain in my right arm and shoulder, and cutting those strips was almost impossible.  He cut the 1 1/2″ strips from my carefully ironed and folded pieces, I cut them down to the smaller pieces.   I didn’t want to total the number of pieces required for this quilt, but let’s say a minimum of a 1000.  And I felt they had to be all cut before starting so I had the full variety right from the start. I have used a little over 50 dark scraps, and much fewer lights..about 15

I didn’t do an accurate count of each piece’s number requirement but enough of a count to feel confident that I’m pretty darn close, or even over!

I even sewed up four blocks!  They finish at 7 1/4″ .


log cabin 4 square







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