Ribbons and Beads quilt




bow tie quilt


Last summer I began to make very small bow tie blocks, each finishing at 2″.  The idea was to make enough bow ties to make a large lap quilt…but really, these little bow ties weren’t a lot of fun to make!  I counted them, and had 140 made.  Now what to do with them?!

I started playing on EQ, and realized that 140 2″ bow ties make a very small quilt!  What else could I do?  There are many ways to set bow ties, individually or as a a set of four, and a lot of alternate blocks that work to make a bigger quilt.  This is what I finally came up with!  Because it had to be set with an odd number of rows, I had to either make it one size and have about 40 leftover bow ties or make it a bit bigger and make 40 more bow ties, lol.  I went with making 40 more bow ties, and the quilt finishes at 40″ x 40″.     I’m still not sure how much I like it, but I am glad that I did a setting that wasn’t a little different.





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  1. What an interesting setting for your bow ties. And it did stretch out your supply to create a bigger quilt. Should be in a magazine.

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