Planning a log cabin quilt


Do you know that during all the years I’ve been quiltmaking, I’ve never made a log cabin quilt?!  Because I still am trying to use up my stash, which is so full of bits and pieces, I have decided to take on a log cabin pattern…its all the rotary cutting that is just such a long step to get through before you can start sewing!

I decided on the pattern “New England” from Judy Martin’s Stellar Quilts.  This is mostly a traditional log cabin, with a block variation that form stars.  Then I pulled pieces of fabric that were brown, red, purple/violet, and green.  None of these are a full fat quarter, some are wide strips and most are odd shaped squares and rectangles.

log cabin fabrics


The pattern calls for 24 dark fat quarters…I ended up with 52 pieces of dark fabric.  Then I did some math, and decided on how many pieces I needed to cut from each fabric, to hopefully end up with a good variety of colours and shades in each log size.  I won’t get as many as I want from each fabric, but likely a few extra from some!

I’m lucky to have a spare room that  I can take over for a while…until one of my kids come for a visit, which as it turns out is in two weeks.  So I have everything laid out on a table, and as each fabric has to be cut separately because of all the different sizes, and I’ll take my time and hopefully have all the darks cut in the next week or two, and maybe even the lights too!

log cabin cutting


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  1. Cutting for a log cabin quilt takes time but the results can be so very good. I like those piles of fabric you have selected.

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