Project tidy up … new quilt tops!


This past week I tackled some partly finished quilts, and a couple of projects that were “stuck”.

First, I set the Cookie Plate quilt. These are Wheel of Fortune blocks, from the book History Repeated by Betty Chutchian.

cookie plate



Market Day is Pam Buda’s latest mystery quilt series.  Her quilt is navy and red, I’m overflowing with yellow and green!

market day



Then there were the purple basket blocks!  I made several of these, and just didn’t like where it was going.  Why did I think that just because I had somehow collected a drawer full of purple fabrics, that I wanted a quilt of purple baskets?  I found a very nice floral fabric and picked the best three of the  basket blocks to make this runner.



Finally, I have a basket of yellow strips…two inch and three and half inch wide.  The idea when I cut them up was to make a yellow and white quilt…but I really didn’t have enough yellow for a full sized quilt, and I wasn’t really too enthusiastic about it.  I’m going to use the strips in an embroidered quilt by Jenny of Elefantz.  She’s presenting the Lord’s Prayer in 26 sections, each with a pieced frame to form rows of a small quilt.    The embroidery will be a nice pause between applique blocks.

the lords prayer



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