Smith Morning Mountain variation


Over the past few weeks I’ve been assembling this quilt!  Isn’t it wonderful!

smith mountain morning


The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter, in her book Scraps & Shirtails II.  My variation is to make the chain blocks black, instead of blue and brown.  My mornings start very early, before sunrise, so I guess it makes sense for me!   I also dropped on row from the original design, so this quilt is square.

Actually, I just didn’t have the  chutzpa to cut all the brown and blue strips to make the chain blocks!  My scraps are such odd and small sizes, and all the pressing and measuring and cutting to make so many different sized rectangles was just more than I wanted to take on 🙂  So I chose just black, and I think it turned out great!



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  1. Such a nice color scheme. I think the black gives the chain blocks more definition and control to a scrappy design. Pulls everything together.

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