Two Backyard Birds


As I mentioned yesterday, here’s a picture of the wallhanging top made with two blocks from Backyard Birds by Piece O Cake Designs.  I won’t be adding any additional borders, and will bind it with the grey polk a dot.


two backyard birds

I”m sure you’ve noticed that the fabrics in these blocks are not repros or traditional!  They are batiks, set on a grey background.   When I began this project, I thought for sure I was heading for success.  But in the end, it wasn’t making me happy, I was worrying about how I would set nine or twelve blocks… the project was stalling, so I quit it.

I like how it looks as a little wallhanging, and quilting it will be fun! That’s the problem I have, liking the look of quilts in various styles, but not being able to sew them, except for maybe as a pieced project.  So I will admire other’s work with brighter, or modern, or whatever style, and once in a while venture into experimenting on small pieces.

Did you know you can import pictures into Electric Quilt, which can help when figuring out how to set a quilt?  There is a photo worktable, the same as your block and quilt worktables.  Simply import a picture, then save it to your block sketchbook.  Then that picture can be set as block in any quilt you design.  Check the help button in EQ for more detail on using photos.  I had drawn the wallhanging with two borders, but in the end thought it looked better with just the one border on the side.  Adding the bottom border made it seem unfinished somehow!

backyard birds two block


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