Need backings!!


How many quilt tops do you have finished and ready for quilting?  Do you stash backings and battings?

emily baby quilt done


After time spent quilting gift quilts (here’s a pic of the finished baby quilt before I gave it to the Mom), I really want to quilt that will be one that I can just relax and try to have fun with!








I have about a dozen tops to quilt, and three queen size battings set aside.  But my stash of  backings is in a sorry state.   I have a four yard piece of blue pin dot which I thought would be the backing for my nephews quilt, but it didn’t seem right so I bought something else.  Yesterday, I laid out a quilt done years ago that would be fun to finally quilt but the blue on this pin dot is so bright, like a blueberry, that it just clashed too badly with the front.

30s sampler


I don’t need my backings to match, but they should coordinate!  I have a peach piece of fabric which is perfect for the Just Takes 2 schoolhouse, but I’m not ready to quilt that yet…I’m itching to get at the Just Takes 2 red and white and I would like to that one first (not just because it was the first Just Takes 2 project).  I also have a piece of fabric already sewn together for a backing for the Antique Sampler quilt, and I ended up setting that up for basting, but I’m still not sure that’s the one I want to do right now.


antique sampler basting


So, I need backings for All Roads Lead to the Sea, which is a priority (a quilt for my husband) and a backing for Just Takes 2 Red & White.  And a few more!




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