Piecing this and that!


I’m kind of stuck on how to do the binding for the Labyrinth quilt…sew the binding to the front and hand stitch the back in the traditional way; machine sew the binding to the front and machine sew it (hoping) to catch the back, or stitch it to the back and use a decorative stitch to sew it the front?! In the meantime, I did some piecing.

Sherri Falls offers a little mystery pattern once or twice a year, on her blog This & That Patterns.  This is the finished quilt top I made with the most recent series.  The white background fabric has a bright green floral accent, hard to see in this picture.



All the blue stars for Smith Morning Mountain are pieced.


And while I was sewing the stars, my mind kept drifting to the basket on my shelf marked Strip your Stash…blocks from that Craftsy class that I took and then cancelled.  (Posts about this here and here.)  It was bugging me that I had all these blocks and what was I to do with them?!  Well on my cutting table was leftover blue and white solid from Labyrinth, one thing led to another, and here’s what I got.


These are huge blocks, 15″ square.  The star points were made by first making a half square triangle of blue and white.  Set that hst right sides together with a strip square, so the right angles run opposite (I hope that makes sense!).  When sewn like an hst (one quarter inch on each side of a diagonal line) you end up with the two star point units!  These units are opposite to each other, one with the blue on the right and one with the blue on the left.

I’ll make six blocks with a blue centre square and six with a white centre square, and set them with the blue sashing.  I ‘ll have enough strip blocks leftover to use  in the border. I think I’ll call this quilt Picnic.



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