Labyrinth quilting done, sigh!


Quilting the labyrinth quilt for my nephew was a very difficult experience!  The quilting design was in itself simple, an allover curves design, but the action of quilting it was just endless.  It was a sea of blue and white rectangles, with no points of reference, nowhere to say “I’ve done that colour, or that shape, I’ll start sewing in that direction now”.  I was just continuously sewing curve after curve, trying to not work in  a straight line, trying to alter the direction and sizes of the curve; and always, always, being surprised to discover more empty spaces when I looked back to where I’ve been or forward to where I need to go.


I was very interested in how the designer(Amy Walsh)had quilted her Labyrinth, so I “spoke” to her on Facebook…she said she didn’t do any ditch stitching, and did an overall paisely design.  When I got the quilt under the needle, I just didn’t feel comfortable without any ditch stitching at all…to me there was just too much risk that with all the pushing and shoving that the lines would somehow end up distorted.  And, there were so many pins that couldn’t be removed without some sewing first.  So I decided to ditch stitch very small sections, just the length or width of one little rectangle, in random places mostly where I had had a pin placed.  This turned out to be a good decision, as when I was done I had the whole quilt free of pins to just travel where I wanted!

Despite several places where my stitching wobbled, the curve didn’t really make a point, or the stitching bunched up into teeny stitches, or took off into larger stitches…it looks good, and I think it will look even better when its washed.  I use 80/20 cotton/poly blend which gives me that crinkly look I love once a quilt is washed and dried.

So, just the binding to do, and mission accomplished to get  this quilt ready to give in plenty of time for June 15.




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