When you just can’t make it work!


While I had a wonderful Easter weekend, with my kids all home for a visit, I have not been having a wonderful time in the sewing room!

First, I want to follow Barbara Brackman’s new sampler block of the week, Austen Family Album, but just can’t settle into what I think will  be my fabric choice, blue and green ( trying to use my stash!)

Then I went ahead and made a few more of the purple baskets that I had kitted a few weeks ago.  Here are six sewn…and now I’m sitting here wondering, what the heck am I going to do with a purple wallhanging or quilt?!


Meanwhile, I had ordered some lovely greens that I thought could be used to set a four block applique that I made several months ago…but the greens just dulled everything.  Then a red-orange fabric in my stash caught my eye, and it is the perfect colour to go with the applique blocks



…but, the fabric itself is very off grain so the printed lines really can’t be cut straight.  So I thought if I cut it up a bit, into a pattern like this, then maybe it wouldn’t be so noticeable.  That didn’t work!


And finally, I’m having an eye problem compounded by needing a new prescription, so hand applique has been on hold until I get new glasses in the next week or so.  I also cancelled the order for the backing for my nephew’s quilt as I had second thoughts, so I’m back on the lookout for that so I can get it quilted.

Things can only get better!



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