Backyard Birds…new background!


Isn’t it wonderful to find something unexpected in your stash?!  When you find it, and you immediately think, “I know exactly what this can be for”, its like winning the lottery!  While working on this little owl block, for the Whoo Knows quilt by FatCat Patterns,


I found at the bottom of that project drawer a piece of grey that ended up not being used in the quilt.  It was waiting for me to find it for the Backyard Birds quilt!  I had thought at the beginning that grey would be a good background for this applique project, but I really wasn’t thrilled with the idea of ordering and trying different greys.  And here it is!  I was so happy, I immediately went about transferring my partly sewn and not yet sewn leaves to the new background…here it is with most of the leaves and other elements laid out.


And yes, before I started all work on Whoo Knows, I did finally finish that second to last feathered star!


One more thing to add to this post, earlier this morning I found the backing fabric for my nephew’s quilt…at least I hope it will be as shown in the picture…yahoo!  The quilting fairies are smiling on me today!



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