All Roads top finished!


Was it only this past Wednesday that I sewed the barn has been sewn into the All Roads to the Sea quilt top? The fence added along the bottom, and the remaining borders sewn.  This is a huge quilt!  About 94″ x 80″.  Right now, I’m not sure how much I like it…but I think the quilting will add the needed dimension and “life” to the quilt, and give me opportunity to play with free motion designs I might not normally use.  Unfortunately for my husband, quilting this will likely wait till the fall…I have a few other tops that I’d like to tackle first (most importantly, my nephew’s grad quilt, if only I could find a darn backing!)

Very hard to take pics, as my deck where I like to take photos of large quilts, still has snow on it!  But these might give you a good idea of what the top looks like right now.






Since Wednesday, not much has been going on in the sewing room, or with applique.  I have two more feathered star blocks to do from the book a Flock of Feathered Stars.  On Friday, I started one and I’ve only got this far!




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