Spring Dawn Quilting done!


I finished up the quilting on Spring Dawn…now to make a scrappy binding and put it through the wash (I wash and dry all my lap and bed quilts, even the ones requiring lots of handwork).

I put a lot more quilting into this than I had planned!  Spring Dawn came from a bunch of blocks that were meant for another quilt that wasn’t successfull…I added the birds, and made the setting in Electric Quilt.  I wasn’t even sure how much I liked it!

My original plan for quilting Spring Dawn was just to “get it done” with a large meander stitch, but as I posted earlier, that just didn’t work.  Next thing I know, I’ve done all this!  I used a 40 wt embroidery thread, so it has some depth and shine, which had just the effect I wanted; I felt the quilt was a bit flat and I wanted the quilting to brighten it up a bit.   I did the simple vine in the sashing rows as I wanted to add some fluff I guess you could say – I didn’t want the whole quilt quilted heavily.  The border quilting didn’t turn out as I had imagined it in my mind, but its okay.

sd1 (1)


sd1 (2)


sd1 (3)



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