Playing with curves


On Friday afternoon I had just one row and the borders left to quilt on Spring Dawn. I also had a spring shirtcut and prepped and ready to sew; and a baby quilt to get going on (not even planned yet!) that’s needed for late May.  I have numerous quilt blocks that are prepped and ready to sew. But I decided I wanted to spend the day sewing up some blocks from the Playing with Curves Craftsy class.

The New York beauty type block is one I’ve had on my bucket list for years, and I kept putting it off for one reason or another.  I didn’t want to end up with this class being something I didn’t actually do! So I decided to just start sewing the blocks with the pile of reproduction stacks I have.  As it turned out, many of the pieces weren’t large enough to make a 16 block quilt as shown in the class, but this 9 block quilt top looks pretty good!

curves again nine block

I am so glad I just took the day to play.  There was no planning of how I put together the fabrics…I just dumped my bag and basket of larger reproduction scraps and rummaged around till I found pieces that went together in a way that made me think “that will work”!.  Maybe the secret to Craftsy classses is to treat yourself to a class day…one day that you pretend you are in an actual class, creating something.  I tend to view a lesson or a part of the class, think oh! that’s interesting, think about practicing that skill or making a sample block, but never get much further.

Today I think I’ll be resting on the couch, working on a new applique project…Backyard Birds by Piece O Cake Designs.


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    • Thanks! I find unplanned scrappy quilts to be a challenge, but one thing I read is making it easier… choose a theme (which in this quilt was reproductions) and think about just each block itself looking ‘good’

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