Quilting Spring Dawn


spring dawn

At least a few weeks ago, I basted Spring Dawn (for some reason, the only picture I have is one without the border)…. and ever since then, its been sitting there looking at me while I looked back, completely uninspired.  I finally sewed a few stitch in the ditch lines across the rows.  Then I thought I’d would do a large meander stitch all over the quilt…I found that awakward to quilt, so much moving of the quilt was required to do those large meanders and after a few rows I ended up ripping out the stitching.

Then the quilt and I had another staring contest!  I kept trying to plan and doodle on paper just how I can quilt the rows, but really I have to realize that for me there is no sense in planning how I’m going to quilt the whole quilt, I find I have the mo to just start and hope I like it!  So I finally started, and finished the two rows of 12″ blocks.  Then I stared at the rows of 6″ blocks and felt kind of stumped, but I realized some simple quilting would be fine, and the style is similar to some areas in the rows of larger blocks.

Still a long way to go , and hoping inspiration will come when needed for the remaing rows!



2014-04-01 01.03.09

2014-04-01 01.03.34


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  1. This is a very interesting quilt design. The row of birds is what I like the most. Just seems to pull it all together. I am not very inventive when it comes to machine quilting.

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