More Strip your Stash, and Playing with Curves


Yesterday I finished sewing the strips for the blocks in the first project of Strip your Stash.  I decided to make several smaller strip sets rather than one large piece of yardage.  I also cut the blocks differently, still 6 1/2″ size, but first cutting a 6 1/2″ strip at a  45 degree angle across the piece, then cutting squares from that strip.  I ended up with 36 blocks..I’m not sure if I would have got more or less by cutting it as taught in the class, but the way I cut them made more sense to me!

So here are are all but 6 blocks…ran out of room on the design board…in a strippy setting (but here I think the sashing is too narrow)

strip your stash strip setting


Then, I had the idea that these blocks could be treated as any other square of fabric…half square triangles, flying geese, nine patches could be made.  And from there, a whole variety of blocks!  I think the only “rule” I would set for myself would be to only cut them on the diagonal across the strip angle, not parallel to the any strip.


2014-03-24 13.55.39

2014-03-24 16.14.03

These are the leftover bits…I’m sure I could make more blocks from these.  I’m playing on EQ with a possible medallion setting using various blocks made from strip blocks…but I’m leaning towards columns of flying geese.

The second class I enrolled in the other day was Playing with Curves, by Anne Peterson.  So I have one class for fun, and one that’s challenging!  I love Anne’s teaching style; I also have taken her class Beyond Basic Machine Quilting.  In the Playing with Curves class she starts out by teaching the basic curved block that makes up drunkard’s path and so many others.  Then on to Winding Ways in a nine block setting.  I made a practice block…challenging, but Anne’s teaching is very good so I never felt frustrated or overwhelmed, and my block turned out pretty good!  Definitely worth buying some fabric for this wall quilt!

winding ways practice


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