Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So many challenges with quilting Mexican Tiles!

On Saturday, I finished the grid quilting.  But, I ran out of the silk thread with about a dozen squares yet to fill…I had used up a full spool of silk thread on this small piece!  I did luckily have a different “cream” colour that doesn’t appear as any different than the first.

The grid itself ended with different filled squares at each end of the quilt.  Its hard to see in the pictures, but on the one end, the filled grids are up to the edge of the quilt, on the other end there is a plain square at the edge of the quilt. I’m not sure yet how noticeable they might be…probably not at all unless one spent some time looking at the quilt.  Next time I draw a grid on a quilt with applique or around a block, I’ll have to spend some time thinking about the size of the grid and how to make it come out even.  The left and right center sides also aren’t balanced (meaning, not the same filled squares on each side, but its not noticeable all without really looking at it).

Meanwhile, as I was quilting I kept thinking about the plain narrow border on the left.  Why had I put it there, why had I used the same plain fabric as the applique background?  And how was I going to quilt it without it looking even more as just an add-on.  I realized too late that the smart thing to do would have been to extend the grid into that left plain border.

I doodled and flipped through books and stencils and pdfs…trying to find the right quilting motif for that left border.  I even started to sew a few, and then unstitched them.  Finally I realized that that border had to go.  So, I cut if off!  I did keep 1/4″ beyond the seam so that the binding could still be added where it should be if the border hadn’t been there in the first place ( don’t know if I’ve explained that right!).

So now I’m looking at the right border, and it has that same plain strip beside the piece strip.  Cut that off too!  Now the pieced strip didn’t look right, especially because I had added a thin spacer between it and the main piece…so off went the pieced strip border!

Now I’m left with a borderless quilt…and I think I like it.  I’m really not missing the borders at all. The fabrics and design I chose just wasn’t working…I would have liked to keep the strip pieced part of the border but it wasn’t possible at this stage of quilting as other borders would be required as well.

I’d like to show you a picture of the borderless quilt, with the binding, but there’s still more challenges ahead!…

After the trauma of all that decision making and chopping up of my little quilt, I needed to put on the binding.  I had a few fat quarters left from the set of fabrics that I used in the quilt.  Well, my first choice fabric I cut wrong and ended up with not enough strips.  The second choice I started to sew on and realized I didn’t like it.  The third set of strips….wonderful!…but what happened?! I’m short about 3″…no more fabric left!

Shaking my head and putting this quilt away for a while 🙂


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