Thursday, January 23, 2014


Wavy borders!  The borders on Jacqueline’s Album were straight when I started quilting, but when I laid it out to trim it for binding, look what I saw.  Uggh.  I think its because the centre is so densely quilted, and the border not so much (and I really didn’t want it to be heavily quilted).

So I set out to hopefully fix it, as I want this to be a wallhanging (although its kinda big for that, 56″ square).  First, I sewed a scant quarter inch from the edge, all away around.  As I was sewing (with the walking foot on), I gently pushed the fabric into the foot…this is something I learned from dressmaking that helps to set up a piece for easing into another.   I pinned the binding on, one side at a time.  As I was pinning, I laid it flat at the corners where the quilt was flat, and along the edge I pulled the binding taught between pins where there was a little wave on the quilt.  I think I might have succeeded…it looks much flatter now, but only after I’ve sewn the binding down the back will I know for sure!

Meanwhile, over the last few days I finished all the labyrinth blocks!  Happy dance!  I hope they really are finished…I still might find a few that need fixing when I go the to set them.

I also finished the second block from Hearts and Tulips.

And, instead of continuing the quilting on Mexican Tiles, I ended up making the next to last building block for All Roads Lead to the Sea.


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