Sunday, January 19, 2014


I’ve been working on the Labyrinth quilt blocks for most of this past week.  Sewing these blocks have been a huge challenge for me!  I’d rather be sewing 5 Dear Jane blocks for each one of these Labyrinth blocks.

First, the instructions say to make 12 of block A…and replace the dark blue with light blue one to six times in each block, at random.  Well!  I know I don’t excel at random, so I decided to cut up a copy of the quilt layout, mark each block, and sew each block A as shown in the quilt itself.  After making an error of sewing two of one block, I realized that block A in the piecing diagram is not the same block A shown in many places on the quilt!

Then, as I’ve mentioned before, I call myself a dyslexic quilter because I excel at getting units and blocks turned and reversed to what they are supposed to be.  So following these little piecing charts for each block has me working very slowly and carefully, and even despite that, I find one or two units turned wrong in most blocks.  Even the ones I think are correct, I think I’ll find a wrong one or two at the end!  As I’m sewing the block rows, I keep the blocks chained together so they won’t jump out of line and the rows themselves end up out of order, lol.

Then, despite careful pressing, some of the seam joins just will not line up…off by a teeny bit…despite sewing and re-sewing.  I have just had to decide that this will not be a perfect or near perfect quilt!

I did finally meet my goal of having all the 12 A blocks sewn by the end of the week!  The quilt doesn’t need to be given to my nephew till June, but I want to be sure to have at least the top done as soon as possible, because, well, time has a way of disappearing!

This past week I enrolled in Craftsy’s Hand Quilting class.  I have tried and tried hand quilting in the past, learning from various books or quick tv demos, quickly giving up as I just couldn’t make it work.  Well!  The instructor has great demos, speaks slowly and carefully without being too slow, and lots of advice and tidbits about basting for hand quilting, and choosing and marking designs.  Look at the progress I’ve made…the white stitches were my first, and then the green after a few ten or fifteen minute practice sessions.

I have an idea of hand quilting one large quilt in my lifetime…after quilting the three beautiful whole cloth designs included in this course, maybe I’ll be ready!



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