Thursday, January 16, 2014


I didn’t want to stop work on the Feathered Stars project!  So, knowing that two of the blocks I made are not making it into the setting, I cut up enough blocks to total 13.  I was hoping for 16, but I ran out of background fabric.  I was sure I had enough to make 16 when I started, but I guess re-making two was enough to leave me short.

I sewed two blocks, and here’s the new nine.  I’m much happier than I was the other day!  Thirteen blocks will make a nice diagonal setting, and…I have a different background that I could use for four more blocks to set into the corners of a straight set.  If I did that, I would make all four of those blocks the same design but likely different greens.  Two of the blocks I didn’t pre-cut were ones I didn’t like much.



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