Sunday, December 22, 2013


I haven’t turned on a sewing machine all week!  I’ve been getting ready for Christmas… a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of rest!  That means I did applique.  Completed three Summer Dance (Rachel’s Reel) blocks.

And finally made a decision to at least start on an idea.  Part of my problem when deciding on another applique quilt was that I’m trying to use up my repro scraps…most of which I feel I’ve used and used again.  But I found a 2 yard piece of shirting with a tiny red print which as a background fabric made things look a little different.  Margaret Docherty’s Hearts and Tulips book was in my stack of possibilities I have been considering.  I could use the red (that has shown up in far too many quilts) with some blue and pink, which are not used much at all in other quilts,  to start making some of her tulip designs…those colours plus the shirting background makes a combination that makes me feel that I’m not quite repeating myself over and over with my quilts!   I’m particularly interested in doing the round or wreath designs in the book, there are 6 of those I think, and I’ll just work away and see where it takes me.  I haven’t been very good in the past with just starting something without a plan for a whole quilt but I realized that I made I think 3 quilts this past year that evolved from not much. So this is how far I’ve got on one block.

Meanwhile, my shopping and wrapping are done!  Baking is done..well, almost…one small batch of cookies this morning, and the sticky buns to be made tomorrow.  Plans for getting together with my kids and extended family are made.  So, today I might just do some piecing!


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