Monday, December 9, 2013


Still working away at the quilting on Jacqueline’s Album.  This is a very time consuming quilting design…it looks good, but I’m wishing I had started something different!  I’ve noticed that some areas are more closely quilted than others, I tried to capture that in pictures but couldn’t quite get it.  Even though while I’m quilting I know that “over there” the design is very close together and “over there” the leaves and curls are bigger and further apart, I’m trying to ignore that cause I’m pretty sure it won’t be too noticeable when hung on the wall!

Sentimental Stitches sent an email yesterday with a holiday special on this “candy cane candle mat”.  I thought I’d take a break from the quilting and make it up…its nice sometimes to do a little project that you can start and finish in one day!  Well, not quite…I made a  few mistakes with the paper piecing so had to start over, and I didn’t yet applique on the centre circle, or close the seam left open for turning.  I wish the points were a little pointier, but that’s okay 🙂  with a candle or a decoration on it, it will look great.  Might make another one or two for little gifts!


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