Monday, December 2, 2013


“Finished” Praire Blossoms. Its still so dark outside during the day that I  can’t get a  good picture!

Finished in quotes because I’m really not happy with the border, and even the cornerstones in the inner border are not quite right.  I am so happy to have made a quilt right out of nothing..from small repoduction scraps that |I had collected, an applique centre I chose to make without knowing exactly what I was going to do with it,  a, few pineapple blossoms blocks that I had played with, and even finding border fabrics in my stash that would fiinish the quilt.

Originally I had drawn a very wide border on the quilt, so that the centre floated.  I still think this is better than what I ended up with.   What I have is fine, but with the right fabric (not necessarily yellow/gold)  at the right price, I could turn this from fine into great….at least to me.

So, to be continued.  Prairie Blossoms might stay as it is, or it might turn into something like this.


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