Sunday December 1, 2013


Sewed the centre of the quilt I’m now calling Prairie Blossoms…no pic though as it is so dark today I couldn’t take a nice picture if I tried!  Thinking about borders and I should finish it up tomorrow.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m on the lookout for my next big applique project…these two are that top of my list.  I can’t do both, I don’t think (hmmm)…

Sentimental Stitches announced the new Just Takes 2 quilt for 2013, the Benjamin Biggs Quilt.  Wow.  Its a wedding quilt, 100 inches square, made in 1848.  Very tempting, especially if I made it in non traditional colours.  It would be a good chance for me to finally make a very large applique quilt, but do I really want to take on this particular design?  I have numerous baltimore album style patterns and each one I haven’t been able to start; and I also have a few bed quilts that I consider “not to be used every day”.  Do I really want to add another to that list?!

Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk
Benjamin  Biggs Quilt
Then  there’s Dawn Heese’s quilt, Rhapsody.  I love this one too!  It would give me the chance to work on large blocks which I don’t normally do, and because it is templates not a full pattern, I’d have the additional challenge of remembering this is folk art and things don’t have to be exactly in place!  I’m usually more than a bit fussy about reproducing the applique design exactly as it is shown, which is why I like back basting so much…but Rhapsody could give me the opportunity to learn to wing it just a little bit 🙂
Rhapsody by Dawn Heese

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