Tuesday, November 26, 2013


What a day!  I sewed a pineapple blossom partly backward…easy fix, but annoying!  And by mistake cut off a triangle on another block

Tried a free motion vine on the inner border of Jane’s Path, then decided that for all the work that would be needed to make this all around the quilt, it really isn’t necessary  because of all that’s going on in the quilt itself.  So I unstitched it.

Then, and I’m still wondering just how this happened, I ran out of binding on the quilt!  I ordered a navy fabric months ago and put it in my binding box, cut up the strips today and started sewing….I’m one strip short!  All the quilts I’ve made, and this has never never happened.  And of course I don’t have anything else suitable for binding in my stash.  Arrgghh.

I am so close to finishing the Praire Flowers centre…just four more pieces to applique.  I was hoping to sew the binding on Jane’s Path while deciding what applique to do next.  This weekend, Just Takes 2 is announcing their new project for 2014 which I think will be applique.  Dawn Heese as a new pattern called Rhapsody which I’m seriously thinking about.  I’m still thinking about fabric for Dutch Treat…and of course, there are the many many patterns already at hand!  Anyway, I’m not ordering new binding for Jane’s Path until I know what I might want or need for the next applique project!



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