Thursday, November 21, 2013


Happy Dance!  I finally finished quilting all the pieced blocks on Jane’s Path.  Each block has a little free motion doodle, done as best as I can.  I really tried to not be perfect about this, if I did I’d be quilting for weeks more 🙂  I did do some ripping out…about half a dozen blocks needed a little fixing, and there were still a few blocks that I had done with navy thread and the stencil (which was my first quilting idea) that had to be ripped out.  I am really very happy with how it is looking.

For the outer border, I have decided to do a series of straight lines.  I think that will be most effective as there is so much going on in the centre of this quilt!  There is a small plain blue inner border that I will free motion something pretty.  Turns out marking those straight lines will be bit of a challenge…how to divide the 7″ width, do I use a hera marker?  take a chance on a chalk line?  place green tape as a guide? hmmm…


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