Sunday, November 3, 2014

A quiet day today! It seems a serious flare up is upon me, so lots of rest for me in the next few days.  This is the time that I’m thankful to have pre-cut applique and piecing, so I can do a bit of sewing without much physical effort 🙂  If I miss a day or two of posting, its because not anything was done at all!
All I did yesterday was one section of Friendship Rings….so, now I have this.   The tricky part of this design, by Sue Daley, is that once the paper pieces are removed the entire piece has to be glue basted then hand appliqued on to a background.  I’m not at all sure how easy or hard this will be 🙂  
Decision time!  Do I use this one circle as a centre of small quilt, with plain borders?  Do I use it as a centre to a medallion quilt, with a few or many borders?  The borders could be machine pieced, applique designs, or paper pieced designs such as hexagons or more tumblers.  Maybe take an idea or two from the Craftsy class for borders.  Or, do I add to this circle to make a total of four intertwined circles?   Hmmm…

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