Saturday, November 3, 2013


Completed Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse block 19.  One more block to go!  And the border of flying geese have been sewn along the way, so the quilt should be quick to set.

Cut and fused Whoo Knows from FatCat Patterns.  Not sewn yet.
And, very disappointing, I’m going to have to stop working on Dutch Treat for a while.  This block, apple core, has highlighted a problem I’ve had a suspicion about … the Kona cotton I’m using is fraying too much.  I can make the small shapes, with just enough turn over, but then there is fuzz left over…that’s the best way to describe it.  Its only noticeable close up, but it does sort of distort the shape, and more importantly how will these fragile edges hold up over time?

The patterns in the Dutch Treat quilt are appliqued as reverse applique, so the background is what is actually sewn after cutting it away to reveal the shape.  I need something like a batik I think that has a finer weave, however I don’t think the batik would be suitable as the fabric all needs to be soft enough to turn and bend in very very tiny spaces!  The author of the book gives no hints as to what she used for the background fabric…just hand dyed indigoes for the one colour, and assorted white on whites for the background.  I’ve read that Moda Bella solids is supposed to be very good.  I’m going to wait on this till I need a fabric order for some other things, then try a few different fabrics to see what’s best.


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