Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today I was totally focused on the Spring Garden dresden design from the Small Scraps Craftsy class.  I don’t know why I am so determined to make this little quilt!  I’m sure I’m no different than many quiltmakers when I say there have been many many projects that were dumped at some point in the process…it just didn’t work.  Either those projects got stuffed away for a rainy day, or the pieces used up somewhere else!   But this dresden design I really wanted to conquer, and it wasn’t the piecing or technique that was hard…it was the use of fabrics.

I finally got this design going, and stuck with it. I didn’t like it much, even as I was laying out the final design on the background fabric.  Almost walked away at that point, was happy to just give up.  But figuring that I had gone this far, what if I quilt it on to the background, instead of applique?  So I layered up a sandwich, glue basted the dresdens, and off I went.  I used a feather stitch on the inner dresden seams, and started to use a different stitch on the middle dresden seams.  Finally, I was beginning to feel a bit of like for this poor little quilt!  Tomorrow I’ll finished quilting it, and I think the binding will be the same fabric as the middle dresden.

There are times when one has to persevere through the process of making a quilt…it is often at the very end that your choices work together and suddenly you have something that you can be pretty happy with!

I’ve shown two pics of the design, as it was sooo dark yesterday it was hard to get a picture that showed the right colours!


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